Thursday 25 August 2011

See you on the blog!

From every country in the world, from every nook and corner of Pakistan encouragement has poured in and nourished and lifted us. So no matter what time you join us on the blog, tonight we are at work. We will work right thru the night. To many thousands who pray and cheer us, our deep thanks. See you all on the blog!

SAM applauds WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

This genius changed the world and his content filled the newspapers of every country. His technical concept of constructing stateless, secure and indestructible Internet drop boxes unlocked every evil and shame. Secrets will now be transparent. SAM applauds his many acts of natural courage to build a better world.

SAM prays for Habib Khan

SAM continues its vigil and prayers for Habib Khan. And we have made postings and links at Shaukat Khanum for the doctors. We hope all and everyone will join us in our submission for his total recovery. Ameen!
SAM is proud to announce series of Essay Contests for students.

Topic - The world is my classroom!
Maximum 600 words.
Last date for email entry 9th September.
Chief judge Angel Vitus Idi.
Cash award best essay Rs. 600/.
Cash award second best essay Rs. 400/.
Let's hurry.

All students to send their essay to

SAM honours Late Prof Javed Kamran Bashir

An Honours Graduate from Oxford, JKB was the head of political science department of Univeristy of Punjab in late 70s. JKB went on to devote his every single moment  to enlightening his students. From class the students accompanied him to his house as he continued to lecture. His very being was his teaching and his students. He supported them in every manner and stood up for them thru thick and thin. Unable to handle their problems and with failing health JKB committed suicide leaving all he owned to great causes and dreams. SAM honours him as an Angel. God bless him and reward him in the hereafter.

Language of Design

Can design have a language? Is there a visual way to convey what a product is supposed to do? It took a German educated design specialist of IDEO, 27 scientists, and 4 years of research to design the LEAP CHAIR. At the end, the firm was awarded 23 patents. How then should we design the CONTEST BLOG? All students are invited to comment.