Saturday 20 August 2011

SAM Daily Times

SAM launches "SAM Daily Times". We hope  that it will generate and publish everything of the interest of students. After careful deliberation SAM honours Haleema Zia to become its first editor, fearless Darakshan as its first asst. editor and Nigerian founder Vitus as its first asst. editor for international students news. We also hope other students to join in and make valuable contributions to the knowledge, and awareness of all students.

Darkshan thanks wi-tribe

SAM's founder Darashan Wajid thanks wi-tribe for their sweet and much appreciated gesture.

SAM honours Angel Saqib Naveed

Mr. Saqib Naveed , a Professor of Accounts and Finance at Muhammad Ali Jinnah University and now , visiting  faculty at Bahria University is a very respected and a loved teacher. A patriot, a devout Muslim, Mr. Saqib Naveed has long stood against every injustice and suffering. His love for discipline, students and affordable education is well known to his many colleagues and friends. SAM confers the honour of angel on him and prays for his well being and hopes that he would increase his involvement in the welfare, and career of his students.

SAM honours best answer of great debate

In as much as modern and competent education remains a fundamental right, internet access should automatically be a fundamental right. The emphasis of the modern day society is education for all. And whenever education fails nations have failed.

There is no development, there is no civilisation, and there is no globalization without modern education, and there is no modern education without constant access to the internet. The internet is the foundation of modern education.

Vitus Okwesirieze Idi.
SAM founder Nigeria.

We hope to have him as a regular contributor SAM. 

Students step up to honour their country

It was over a year and a half ago that SAM advocated the idea freely of using and employing students full and part-time to help Pakistan with vigilance and security. SAM is honoured and pleased to learn that the government benefited from this approach. Hundred of students,  after short training, have set about to strengthen vigilance and security in Karachi. This was disclosed by minister of interior. SAM prays for the effective outcome of this measure.