Monday 22 August 2011

SAM Thanks World Viewers

SAM thanks the world viewers. Only today 39 countries honoured SAM with a visit. This stats also displayed over 900 unique visitors. This is an acclaim for Pakistan. This is heartening for SAM. Students back SAM because it is right thing to do. For us, the psychic benefits matter. It makes us feel humble, committed and morally upright. For us, we provide the best of Pakistan. God bless you all for your support.

In the honour of late Raffay Tariq

Around 15 September SAM has planned to inaugurate a campaign in Islamabad and Rawalpindi that will enable every school, every student and every teacher to have an email address and a personalized homepage. We hope that great & caring angels and students will come forward to help us in every way.

SAM Prelude

Every day late in the night we huddle up and reignite our thinking process on serving our motherland. SAM totally believes "that we must consolidate our democratic culture which will save us from fanaticism. And drive home the idea that terror cannot be combated with terror."

Take a view of SAM blogs!

Take a view of SAM privileges, take a view of SAM scholarships. We have added life and beauty! We hope you like it and grace a comment.

SAM Mobile applications research

For 10 days we researched how students use their mobile applications and found that the biggest use is games. That appears true. Apple's application store has over 150,000 applications and has delivered over 3 billion downloads. While there may be many reasons in one's purchase and choice of a cell phone, the best way is to figure out "how am i going to be using my cell phone through the day". Mobile computing is the future. Magical, YES! Revolutionary, YES!