Tuesday 23 August 2011

SAM honours Angel Engineer Imran Basit

Angel Imran Basit is the managing director of highly reputed and successful Capital equipment & specialist parts trading company that also provides engineering solutions. Angel Imran Basit, who has MS from China, has the coveted distinctions of Pakistan's Pride of Performance Award. A magnanimous, generous and kind human, Angel Imran is the great friend of the students. His affection and practical help in internships is very valued. We hope that as a patriot and Angel he will continue to lend his support. SAM prays for his every success.

SAM previews the contest blog

SAM is delighted to announce the finishover of Contests blog. This creative endeavour is from Chairperson Maryam Sultan, Sumaira Tariq and Mubeeba. Founders, students and visitors are invited to review and comment. Best wishes from SAM.

SMS Punch Grow Up

SMS Punch don't play foul and Grow Up. Unblock Darakshan's Punch. HAVE A HEART. "DIL CHOTA NA KAR MERE YAR."

SAM applauds Bilawal Hameed

Were you to pose a technical gremlin to experts, be assured that Bilawal has an answer. This 18 years old nerd from UK is a wonder kind. SAM delights in his knowledge and has extended an invite to him to share. SAM wishes him many laurels.

SAM thinks Global Survey

Student Angel Vitus Idi, SAM's Nigerian founder proposed a global friendship survey of students. SAM applauds the idea and now request him to put his thinking hat on and begin mapping his steps using every technology. SAM will publish the findings. Good luck Vitus!

SAM honours Angel Professor Alan Smithers

SAM honours Angel Prof. Alan Smithers, Director Centre for Education & Employment Research ( University of Buckingham). Prof. Alan is one of the world's leading authority on modern education. His research is much sought after the world over. His ability to generate new ideas with vigorous debate is a craving. SAM learnt much from his eminent work. We honour him as an Angel.

SAM honours the great battle

As Apple, Nokia and Blackberry turn on the transformational power to usher in a new era in mobile computing, India, Israel and Brazil gear up to capture a part of action. No Pakistani technology company, university, inventor has anything to offer. Always has been. Our local ethos is zero. Our international ethos is zero. If we don't learn to think really different we will stay mired. You know, ofcourse!!