SAM World Productions - 'The Autumn Flowers'

Trailer of 'The Autumn Flowers' depicting the entire natural life span of students. His difficulties his struggles his educational environment his justice system will be displayed soon on Youtube, Myspace, SAM blog for global audience. SAM founders and the technical team will only go forward after we are graced and blessed with 1000 comments from Angels of all spheres.
Grace a comment.

SAM Open Source

SAM sponsors, supports and commits “Open Source Software” movement. SAM suggests and recommends this to all the universities colleges and to the nation of Pakistan as a whole. Please join. This will save Pakistan millions of dollars over a short period of time!

SAM's choice of financial package is world class and courageous. Open source/Java will guarantee you expertee, respect and global opportunities. Maryam who fancies Java must get into the source code and see how the program works within. This will make a great research for Masters Thesis for Maryam. All inventions that we add on are for serving humanity. The world cheers ! / A

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  1. SAM is great effort of students. SAM is only ray of hope for all those who are suffering. Hoping that SAM will help everyone. SAM will bring balance & peace in society. Blessings & best wishes for all founders of SAM.