Wednesday 14 September 2011


Second Global Survey

Should Universities be held responsible for Students to build skills that will last them a lifetime??? 

Poll on SAM Global Survey

SAM Communique

SAM announces First Global Survey Results

We wish to thank everybody from every corner of the globe who visited the blog and exercised their judgement thru great Democratic norms. 12 countries participated in the survey. The results of this survey are as follows:

                     In Favour : 50 votes 
                     Againt     : 16 votes 

The motion is passed to honour that 

SAM Communique

SAM Global Second Survey

This evening at exactly 9 pm you will get to see and vote on our "Second Survey". The subject was chosen with great care and courage. Global students and audience would truly value its implications. Please spread the word and make it a resounding success. See you on the blog.

Preying On Theory !

SAM is honoured and so are the founders to inform you of a delightful observation. Rabiya Sultan/NUST/Technology and Darakshan Wajid/Bahria/Marketing have become global names. To say anything more is very difficult because they have been covered so frequently in many posts. SAM believes they would bring many acclaims for Pakistan. Please give them a big hand and from them hope more devotion, more hard work and more accomplishments.
President and Prime Minister have appealed to Almighty God for mercy. SAM joins to pray fervently for forgiveness, relief and blessings for the Nation. Ameen!!


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SAM gives standing applause to Wajahat Ali / USA

Lawyer, playwright shook America out of its ignorance by producing a play "The Domestic Crusaders". Wajahat, in this act of superb thinking and courage smashed the stereotype paraded garbage of American media. All people could relate to the theme which helped even out the backlash after 9/11. SAM wishes him the best for the future.