Thursday 11 August 2011

"Unity Faith and Discipline"

"Unity - Faith - Discipline" blessed the Quaid. So Unity, Faith and Discipline it shall always be. SAM underscored that with HARDWORK.

O & A-level students to register

All O & A level students, please register with SAM. Forward your digital photograph on


SAMQUAKE and Student Haleema Zia takes up her founder's chair, long due. To everything that Anum and Fatima varnish on scholarships & financial assistance, Haleema will review the human and national honour and concerns. SAM wishes her every success

SAM & Students

Failure to specify performance conditions has brought us to this precipice. SAM therefore will ENDEAVOUR to give, eventually, every student, every assistance. But, (but) it will always be against the students' performance indicators setforth by SAM. This is the bottom line.

SAM Naat and Qiraat Contest

SAM heroes brainstorm 14th August and announce A NAAT AND QIRAAT CONTEST. All students wishing to participate to send a 2 minute audio/video file. The winner will be honoured with a prize of Rs.500 cash. The cut-off limit is first 1,000 audio/videos.
Last date is 13th August 11pm.


SAM is excited to announce and invite all Students to a "Humorous Cell Phone Video Contest". The video time should not exceed 3 minutes. The winner will receive Rs. 500 in cash. Please submit your work no later than 18th Ramadan.

SAM Prays for England!

SAM prays and wishes all the students and the people of England peace, calm and prosperity. The students, and all British people in general, honoured SAM and generated 3rd highest traffic in global viewing. God help and bless you all. SAM/R