Sunday 4 September 2011

SAM Honours Perspective

SAM Founders, and all Heros, remember the Whole World is watching you. They have you under the microscope. You are Pakistan's best Ambassadors. You are the Nations winning Future!! It was just for this very occasion and moment that our revered father Mohammad Ali Jinnah advocated "Let it be never said that we did not prove equal to the task". Sir, be assured "We will and many times over".

SAM Honours the campaign "Winning the Future"

Ahmed Mehmood / NUST is a budding Talent of expressive artform. His work is one big attraction at our Museum. Nobody can help savouring it but Ahmed must recognize that Haleema nominated him with between the lines message "that the present is definitely a painted scene where silence is no longer a dignified option". So, come and step forward and run SAM Museum of Memory.

SAM Honours "Social Cure"

Most of our behavioral issues can be addressed only thru Social Cures who have tremendous healing power. For example, "What brings all of us closer to God, is not only self-understanding, studying religion, or an increase in virtue but rather it is when you selflessly work to help others".

SAM gives standing applause to Wajahat Ali / USA

Lawyer, playwright shook America out of its ignorance by producing a play "The Domestic Crusaders". Wajahat, in this act of superb thinking and courage smashed the stereotype paraded garbage of American media. All people could relate to the theme which helped even out the backlash after 9/11. SAM wishes him the best for the future.