Friday 9 September 2011

SAM Communique

SAM honours the inauguration of Global Survey

Sam is delighted to share with you the inauguration of SAM GLOBAL SURVEY. This honour was performed by Angel Hassan Pitafi/Petaro/MirpurMathelo.As all the students are aware that this survey is being organised and headed by Angel Vitus Idi from Nigeria. The students of the world and any other person who wishes to take part is most welcome. The Pakistani Nation as a whole must also consider a whole-hearted participation. Our aim is to understand our present and future needs in democratic and fair minded manner. We hope this survey will bring the students of the world together just as we hope that it will bring the world together.

With prayers, every blessing & best wishes from all founders of SAM   as , Student Angel Mother. Never leave home without SAM.

SAM Honours Cartoonists

SAM is delighted to invite budding talent in cartoon  making & writing , cartoon  story writing and  comic writings    for   SAM Daily Times and SAM Museum of Memory.
Please register immediately with your best work samples.SAM will give you a special page and  bring you in the spotlight.


Can you imagine a world where you are cared for, in every reasonable request. And where you get to honour everything you love ?!

                    YES WE CAN ; "STUDENT ANGEL MOTHER"

Join up now and let happiness find you.
SAM Communique/ "Winning The Future"
Have a heart, stop and take a look at this photo ! What emotions do you feel ? This is our future generation !So do you have the power to serve your conscience ?! If you do please visit any school nearest to you and meet the Headmaster. If the school doesn't have a desktop computing cell please ensure that the Headmaster immediately contacts the following founders on email.

Ali Aizaz Zahid
Aamir Bakhtiar