Monday 29 August 2011

Oh fair wind!!!

      Oh fair wind,
      it is still a ramazan here!
      What honour list ye bring?
      Come show me for a fare!

      Look, see the crimson tileing
      and the pain on yon?
      Come see the rivets binding, 
      All Eides just so torn!!!?

Rs. 500 cash award for paraphasing.

SAM's Surge

All students must remember that your weak and grudging  participation is the enemy of SAM. It is risk multiplier. SAM believes every student must live a reasonable life. And our incredible Ecosystem  will harbour your every concern. So come forth with your support and prayers. SAM is you and you are SAM

SAM Communique

Be assured that we will all play by the same rules. We must do everything, we must take every step to avoid contradictions. SAM is the biggest opportunity you will ever have for now and for the future. SAM will create every opportunity. Best of luck, ever!!!