Wednesday 24 August 2011

SAM honours all Students as visionary artists

For over a year SAM studiously researched the student world to understand their needs & desires. The fusion of art/music/fashion/film represents to SAM a strong futuristic vision of the Students. SAM ponders this reality and invites all Angels and Students to begin a debate. SAM believes that new aesthetic will evolve inspired by their visionary Students. 

SAM honours Google Founder Larry Page

Prof Scientist Winograd was sceptical but the student project became one of the most powerful companies in the world. Larry Page can pursue things that are unreachable and then turn them into reality. SAM applauds and asks the students to emulate him and his great thinking.

SAM honours novelist Donald E. Westlake
and hopes the students will take up serious writing

 Few novelists can write a story half as shocking and acridly truthful as Donald E. Westlake. He simply freezes your blood. His novel Ax is a masterpiece. It's an exciting, horrifying and a truly sad novel in which an executive plans and assassinates 6 applicants for the only available job. SAM recommends this great read to all the students studying arts.
SAM Mourns Lawyer Raza Farooq/ Aitchison & Harvard

A fine human he was. And a humble real friend too. Always ready to help . This Angel hailed from a distinguished Jurist family. Justice Ramday was his uncle. Angel Raza Farooq was positioned for meteoric rise when fate's shears clipped him. All friends remember and mourn him. SAM commits 3 scholarships in his honour and promises to continue his great work. Rest in peace. God bless you!

Maryam Sultan tweets and records

By the 1000s and globally, Maryam gets followed on the Twitter. This is some accolade for her and Pakistan! This psychology student now studying technology, some years ago, survived a massive suicide attack, thru fate and eye flicks. Scores of her close friends died in the cafeteria bombing and the survivors just so maimed. Maryam remembers and honours them. You all will soon visit SAM's museum of memory. The site is under preview. Maryam will also run every contest: poetry, photography, video, essays, documentaries. Almost everything. SAM cheers her on. Good luck, Maryam!