Tuesday 20 September 2011


You won't believe this but read on! This beautiful orb-weaver spider takes flies and crickets and transforms them in water in the abdomen and what comes out is this material that is FIVE TIMES stronger ounce for ounce than steel. This is master chemistry, And this is the manufacturing of the future, hopefully. SAM is woven such. Sign up to mimic and shine!

SAM honours "Poblems Without Borders"

O world students, O future of the world. SAM is yours, SAM belongs to every single one of you! SAM is turning into an 'Awe-inspiring spectacle'. Look at the World Flags Fluttering at our start-up work. So no matter where you are and who you are SAM is yours. Because SAM IS THE BEST DEMOCRATIC REPRESENTATIVE MODEL in the World. Scream in and join up!! Lets change the world for better.


Hey, hey, careful folks! The Mother Earth is travelling at 120 miles a second! Please get your seat belts on and don't run aound!! And be careful not to fall off the earth's ledge! If you do, how are you going to get back?? And the milky way has no nourishment and many clusters!! So go have chips and coke and fight boredom!! Or join up SAM and become an Agent of Change!!  And a Global Star!! You pick??? Hahaha!