Saturday 3 September 2011

SAM Honours "Emerging Scholars Program"

Created by Berkeley is a stunning success. Students learn from each other in a group of 4. No teaching assistance allowed. The students work out the solution themselves and share their understanding with each other. SAM hopes our teaching organizations will pause to consider this. A dedicated faculty member can do wonders. God bless!

SAM Honours Challenges!

Gearing up for great service to the Nation, SAM has begun countdown to its most ambitious undertaking channel 'Living Library'. With adroit use of Video Technology, you will soon get to see every single institution of learning. So, tighten your seatbelts!! And to lead this venture we honour and request Aleena Khan (Software Engr. NUST). Best of best!!

SAM Stands up to applaud Anum Rasheed (IIUI)

Life threw everything at her but this very brave girl withstood the barrage with great dignity. She then stood up to battle and become one of SAM's true strengths. SAM prays for her whole family's happiness. Ameen!

SAM Applauds "YOU TUBE"

Nothing on internet is ever truly discarded. And never so on the YouTube when it went on to create 'Hall of Shame'. YouTube is now turning into a technology marvel. All 'Double Talk Express' are in for a surprise of their lives. Flip flops , please note ! The days to bark , to gnaw , are on the dim. SAM gets to study YouTube engineering from within and marvels and applauds YouTube for building a better world.

SAM Honours Visualization - Imagination of the Students

SAM loves intelligent Students. The World loves intelligent Students. Pakistani Students are very intelligent. Pakistani Students know how to appreciate things and open up their hearts when something is good. So move forward, join up and serve like a hero!

SAM Honours Samee!

hahahaha!! On the home screen of SAM Ecosystem, you will find this proud, defiant and just so pretty little bird that we have named Samee. As you log in for your mission, Samee will fly in and perch in any place she fancies. Samee flew into our Ecosystem wobbly with a vertigo. Thank God she is now well and tweety. Please give her a peck as she watches over you with tenderness and love.