Sunday 28 August 2011

Oh fair wind

            Oh, fair wind
            Can you touch my pinafore?
            My anguish just as long,
            And my yokel yonder nor?

Honoured courtesy ANONYMOUS.
Rs. 500 cash for anybody who can paraphrase it by 4th September.

SAM Feels the Dawn and Muses!

SAM's Computer and Internet Society seems intuitively timely. Anytime, anywhere learning is a paradigm shift. The traction is on. Research supports that. Therefore your total support for this venture will see Pakistan beat gravity and lift off. Please register thru email even now. Success crown your involvement!! God bless you all!!

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SAM Concludes Research on Launch of Computer Society

In build up to its Ecosystem Portal and Vortal, SAM is prepared to launch its WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY OF COMPUTERS AND INTERNET and requests Sheheera Ismael to head the society. All students of the world are invited to register on 5th of September after 6 pm. Lets rise and serve!

Email request on

SAM Applauds the Rising Tide of Student Talent!!

All students are requested to fairly judge and discover TALENT all around them. And when you do that SAM will display it in our museum for the world to see.

SAM honours talent and the world hold its breath!!

Maryam Sultan inaugurates the talent nominations. And Darakshan nominates Gul e Rana Khan / Bahria University for her singing. You will view her video and audio. Gul, best wihes!!

SAM Watches the World's Long Burn

The students have to skillup; our middle class has to skillup. Public and private sector must wakeup to the urgent investment needs of education technology and infrastructure. We are falling way behind. Smoke and mirror is infantile.