Sunday 21 August 2011

SAM struggles for Students Self-Esteem

SAM has observed that all of us feel offended. So SAM will increasingly devote itself to make students feel good about themselves - lifting their sense of selfworth and affirming their belief in a bright future. God help us all.

            In hot sun or freezing cold, walk along!
            Life affords no vacations to sit away,
            Soon enough deep darkness may descend.
            May you not loose track of LOVE's footprint!

Kind courtesy Pitafi Family/ Mirpur Mathelo

SAM prays for mindset change

The nation must change its outlook. The cynics can say all the stuff they like. But we have to get positive or the nation will sink into a swamp.

SAM calls for founders General Body Meeting

This is to inform all founders of SAM to coordinate with Ms. Rabia Sultan for an appropriate date and time in order to hold General Body's Meeting on SAM group/facebook.
Ms. Maryam Sultan

SAM Synopsis Emotions

The prevailing emotion in the country is that "No one forgives anyone. People get angry and violent just for disagreeing with others." SAM wonders what happened to simple tolerance.

SAM honours the Women Workforce

One of the great achievements of modern age would be the integration of women in the workforce and public life. In America 50 million work full time. In European Uninion that figure is 68 million. In Pakistan ?!!