Friday 19 August 2011

SAM honours Angel Saint Bhittai

                The birds in flock together fly,
                comradeship they don't decry Behold,
                among the birds there is more loyality, 
                than among us, 
                who call ourselves humanity. 


Kind contribution : Pitafi Family/Mirpur Mathelo

SAM reviews its Cyber Security!!!

Just before the Ramadan SAM faced up to 2 simultaneous personalised "phishing" attacks. The attackers used zombie computers to create a "botnet". They built a subterfuge path to wipe their tracks. Their operational objective was to reconnoitre the target, induce the message of fear and more reprisals. Criminals usually looks for easy prey. SAM understand that this threat is multifaceted, complex and potentially very dangerous. SAM warded off these attacks with superior in place defenses. SAM is now reviewing impregnable security defenses.