Tuesday 6 September 2011

Angel Vitus speaks on Ahmed Mehmood's photograph

This a complete description of will, commitment, constraints, failures and consequences. It is ironical but yes, we strive for the best yet we are trapped in the cycle of solving the problems that we designed. On and on the fight goes but we remain victims of the same vices we strive to solve. "

SAM responds
Help us change the world Angel Vitus.

SAM mourns the murder of Brig(retd) Sanaullah

SAM is NUMB with grief as it announces the tragic and senseless killing of Vice-Principal of RIPAH University by a final year student. SAM mourns and prays for the deceased and offers his condolences to the family.

SAM wistfully ponders beloved Pakistan "The Scourge of hyacinths"

Pakistan our motherland , of yore, so beautiful, so complete, deserts, mountains, rivers and rivers, valleys, canals, shrines, Saints, minerals and resources, breakbaskets and fertility, seasons and trimmings, greatness and cricket, squash and hockey, mosques and azaan , beauty and smiles, hospitality and laughter, legacy and genius......??? TEARS my PAIN!!!?? or PAIN my TEARS ??!!! Judge ye ?

SAM Honours Rejuvenation of National Education

All Headmasters, all principals, of Government and Private schools, are hereby requested to inform SAM if the school does not have a working cell of Desktop Computing. SAM is due to launch a campaign to provide you this facility on first come first basis. So Hurry!

                     Email : studentangelmother@gmail.com

SAM applauds that one past Rawalpindi administration

How often do you get to encounter and relish a historical prison transformed into a beautiful freedom park with a movie theater, vibrant restaurants, nice parking right at the point where gallows and hangman once stood. Students, families everybody loves the place. Thank you!