Saturday 27 August 2011

"A single visit to SAM blog can change the course of your life. Why wait !"

SAM's Glorious Glow!

Unable to take time off and recoup, SAM's crew miraculously recover and pick the gauntlet. And to top it all Rabiya captures a splendid theme on Museum of memory. We bet ya that a great work of art unfolds. Full stream ahead, heroes!

A beautiful and clean green Pakistan

SAM wishes that all students must understand that we have a choice to make during our brief stay on this blue and green living planet. To damage it, to hurt it or to help it. Its your call to make how you wish to serve coming generations.
SAM Happily Honours the Third Essay Contest

      Topic: My great idea for funtime! Hahaha!!!
      First prize Rs. 500/
      Second prize Rs. 300/
      Third prize Rs. 200/
      Total words 600
      Email entries by 9pm, 24th September.

Lets measure up! Good luck all!!!

SAM honours Students and Students honour SAM

Thank you, thank you all of you! Thank you for the ovation, great support and great promise. Thousands of you rose thru and millions will follow. Let us change the world!!

"Dolat matti ki tarah ha or matti ko pao k neche rehna chaheye. Agar sar pe charhao gay to qabar ban jae ge or qabrain zinda insano k lie nahe hoti."
Hazrat Ali (A.S)

Kind courtesy Nusrat Hussain Mangni/ Karachi 


And on the good news side, Haleema is turbo charged and so is Anum. They both leave nothing to chance and plant the SAM flag in every single institution with an invite. A great contest is in the offing. May the best student win!! Come on mates give it your best shot!

SAM observes a slow burn out Syndrome

Maryam took ill yesterday with an alarming seizure, just before iftar. But thank God recovered soon. Rabiya complained soon thereafter of swiveling concentration. Darakshan has that distant faraway look that spells trouble. So SAM decided to let the crew recoup their energies!!!? Great accomplishments have just 2 ingredients. Resilience and regeneration. Best wishes!

SAM Museum of Memory

Our internal contest to build a splendid virtual memorium for our tragically departed mates is now in full bloom. Every reference architecture was considered, mulled and set aside. But this should not stop you from visiting this blog periodically to check the progress. And when there, offer a silent prayer and pen a note. Reality is impossible to ignore!

SAM honours all Students as Visionary Artists

For over a year SAM studiously researched the student world to understand their needs & desires. The fusion of art/music/fashion/film represents to SAM a strong futuristic vision of the Students. SAM ponders this reality and invites all Angels and Students to begin a debate. SAM believes that new aesthetic will evolve inspired by these visionary Students.