Wednesday 31 August 2011

SAM Communique

Work continues steady pace and pretty little tweaks are on. Like, on the mother blog, right column below the photo you will find a 'Praise Toggle'. Click and you enter a sad beautiful world of our 'Museum of Memory'. SAM is proud to show you the first exhibition of its kind in the world!

Tuesday 30 August 2011

SAM Communique

Now is a moment to wish everybody A Very Happy Eid Mubarak! How we paint our present state, is everybody's color. We need to make it all ADD UP. Many blessings!

SAM Communique

We the SAM founders wish to inform that we will   be working right thru Eid holidays . ..........    Day  and night !
It is impossible to quantify       " care " and " ministry "
  but having a heart is a better medicine .  Just as in your support.
  Support SAM with your heart & soul !
               God bless!
Talents with Scholarships blog awaits your visit.

SAM the killer application

The planet applauds as SAM makes its case for the Student Ecosystem and the business case for Ecoefficiency gets much stronger. SAM is growing into a big opportunity for scientists, or new jobs even quality life. SAM for everything!!


These three global brands and giants have set up a global competition to solve real world problems. SAM applauds this distinguished work and wishes them the best.

Monday 29 August 2011

Oh fair wind!!!

      Oh fair wind,
      it is still a ramazan here!
      What honour list ye bring?
      Come show me for a fare!

      Look, see the crimson tileing
      and the pain on yon?
      Come see the rivets binding, 
      All Eides just so torn!!!?

Rs. 500 cash award for paraphasing.

SAM's Surge

All students must remember that your weak and grudging  participation is the enemy of SAM. It is risk multiplier. SAM believes every student must live a reasonable life. And our incredible Ecosystem  will harbour your every concern. So come forth with your support and prayers. SAM is you and you are SAM

SAM Communique

Be assured that we will all play by the same rules. We must do everything, we must take every step to avoid contradictions. SAM is the biggest opportunity you will ever have for now and for the future. SAM will create every opportunity. Best of luck, ever!!!

Sunday 28 August 2011

Oh fair wind

            Oh, fair wind
            Can you touch my pinafore?
            My anguish just as long,
            And my yokel yonder nor?

Honoured courtesy ANONYMOUS.
Rs. 500 cash for anybody who can paraphrase it by 4th September.

SAM Feels the Dawn and Muses!

SAM's Computer and Internet Society seems intuitively timely. Anytime, anywhere learning is a paradigm shift. The traction is on. Research supports that. Therefore your total support for this venture will see Pakistan beat gravity and lift off. Please register thru email even now. Success crown your involvement!! God bless you all!!

Email address:

SAM Concludes Research on Launch of Computer Society

In build up to its Ecosystem Portal and Vortal, SAM is prepared to launch its WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY OF COMPUTERS AND INTERNET and requests Sheheera Ismael to head the society. All students of the world are invited to register on 5th of September after 6 pm. Lets rise and serve!

Email request on

SAM Applauds the Rising Tide of Student Talent!!

All students are requested to fairly judge and discover TALENT all around them. And when you do that SAM will display it in our museum for the world to see.

SAM honours talent and the world hold its breath!!

Maryam Sultan inaugurates the talent nominations. And Darakshan nominates Gul e Rana Khan / Bahria University for her singing. You will view her video and audio. Gul, best wihes!!

SAM Watches the World's Long Burn

The students have to skillup; our middle class has to skillup. Public and private sector must wakeup to the urgent investment needs of education technology and infrastructure. We are falling way behind. Smoke and mirror is infantile.

Saturday 27 August 2011

"A single visit to SAM blog can change the course of your life. Why wait !"

SAM's Glorious Glow!

Unable to take time off and recoup, SAM's crew miraculously recover and pick the gauntlet. And to top it all Rabiya captures a splendid theme on Museum of memory. We bet ya that a great work of art unfolds. Full stream ahead, heroes!

A beautiful and clean green Pakistan

SAM wishes that all students must understand that we have a choice to make during our brief stay on this blue and green living planet. To damage it, to hurt it or to help it. Its your call to make how you wish to serve coming generations.
SAM Happily Honours the Third Essay Contest

      Topic: My great idea for funtime! Hahaha!!!
      First prize Rs. 500/
      Second prize Rs. 300/
      Third prize Rs. 200/
      Total words 600
      Email entries by 9pm, 24th September.

Lets measure up! Good luck all!!!

SAM honours Students and Students honour SAM

Thank you, thank you all of you! Thank you for the ovation, great support and great promise. Thousands of you rose thru and millions will follow. Let us change the world!!

"Dolat matti ki tarah ha or matti ko pao k neche rehna chaheye. Agar sar pe charhao gay to qabar ban jae ge or qabrain zinda insano k lie nahe hoti."
Hazrat Ali (A.S)

Kind courtesy Nusrat Hussain Mangni/ Karachi 


And on the good news side, Haleema is turbo charged and so is Anum. They both leave nothing to chance and plant the SAM flag in every single institution with an invite. A great contest is in the offing. May the best student win!! Come on mates give it your best shot!

SAM observes a slow burn out Syndrome

Maryam took ill yesterday with an alarming seizure, just before iftar. But thank God recovered soon. Rabiya complained soon thereafter of swiveling concentration. Darakshan has that distant faraway look that spells trouble. So SAM decided to let the crew recoup their energies!!!? Great accomplishments have just 2 ingredients. Resilience and regeneration. Best wishes!

SAM Museum of Memory

Our internal contest to build a splendid virtual memorium for our tragically departed mates is now in full bloom. Every reference architecture was considered, mulled and set aside. But this should not stop you from visiting this blog periodically to check the progress. And when there, offer a silent prayer and pen a note. Reality is impossible to ignore!

SAM honours all Students as Visionary Artists

For over a year SAM studiously researched the student world to understand their needs & desires. The fusion of art/music/fashion/film represents to SAM a strong futuristic vision of the Students. SAM ponders this reality and invites all Angels and Students to begin a debate. SAM believes that new aesthetic will evolve inspired by these visionary Students.

Friday 26 August 2011


SAM is happy to announce the inauguration of our TALENT HUNT. So all students who, nature has talented, must email us with details. And should anyone of you know a talented fellow student please nominate him right off. Talent could be in any attribute. Be it computers, acting, singing, designing, writing. To honour you, we rename our blog. SAM scholarship and talent blog. Lets give talent a chance!!!?
Essay Contest 
Beacon House vs City School

SAM is thrilled to originate the first trailer of an upcoming essay contest between Beacon House versus City School. Topic will be announced on the morning of 24th September and entries will close up 8pm same day. So both schools look out and start wondering!!!


SAM is delighted and honoured to inform all students the inauguration of national contests. Understand that you will first compete one on one. Then you will have school versus school; university versus university; college versus college. And you will then have country versus country. So cheer on! So lift up! Let the show commence. Best wishes folks and you will need them!!!

SAM is delighted to announce a World Class Poetry Contest
All students rise up to the challenge.

      Topic Oh, fair wind...
      First Prize Rs. 500/
      Second Prize Rs. 300/
      Third Prize Rs. 200/
      Total lines No more than 20.

Please email on before 18th September.
Good luck and hurry on!!

SAM prays for a worthy life

On this solemn day the whole nation is invited to pray with SAM. And to pray for entire mankind. And to pray that the era of humans must dawn. The dignity of a man must prevail. Peace and harmony must be achieved. SAM offers blood, sweat, tears, toil & courage. Ameen!

SAM approaches Angel Samad Khurram for a monthly column

SAM approaches Angel Samad Khurram for balance, nationhood and honour with grace to consider writing a monthly column for SAM directed at global students. Subject - "Student rights in a village world". God strengthen you, good, Sir!

SAM Thanks Bilawal Hameed!

SAM thanks Bilawal Hameed for his response and urges him to consider making a contribution to knowledge by writing an occasional column for SAM on any technology topic that he deems important for global students. God bless you.

SAM honours Rabiya Sultan as Angel of Transformation

SAM founders over weeks clustered up to award Rabiya Sultan this exalted award. For her a 4 GPA is never elusive. This hardworking, focused and devouted SAM leader is one of the kind. She now exudes great technology strengths and could teach a course on the internet in any university. She plans to start her column on technology. She will then take global internet queries. SAM founders clap heron. 

Thursday 25 August 2011

See you on the blog!

From every country in the world, from every nook and corner of Pakistan encouragement has poured in and nourished and lifted us. So no matter what time you join us on the blog, tonight we are at work. We will work right thru the night. To many thousands who pray and cheer us, our deep thanks. See you all on the blog!

SAM applauds WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

This genius changed the world and his content filled the newspapers of every country. His technical concept of constructing stateless, secure and indestructible Internet drop boxes unlocked every evil and shame. Secrets will now be transparent. SAM applauds his many acts of natural courage to build a better world.

SAM prays for Habib Khan

SAM continues its vigil and prayers for Habib Khan. And we have made postings and links at Shaukat Khanum for the doctors. We hope all and everyone will join us in our submission for his total recovery. Ameen!
SAM is proud to announce series of Essay Contests for students.

Topic - The world is my classroom!
Maximum 600 words.
Last date for email entry 9th September.
Chief judge Angel Vitus Idi.
Cash award best essay Rs. 600/.
Cash award second best essay Rs. 400/.
Let's hurry.

All students to send their essay to

SAM honours Late Prof Javed Kamran Bashir

An Honours Graduate from Oxford, JKB was the head of political science department of Univeristy of Punjab in late 70s. JKB went on to devote his every single moment  to enlightening his students. From class the students accompanied him to his house as he continued to lecture. His very being was his teaching and his students. He supported them in every manner and stood up for them thru thick and thin. Unable to handle their problems and with failing health JKB committed suicide leaving all he owned to great causes and dreams. SAM honours him as an Angel. God bless him and reward him in the hereafter.

Language of Design

Can design have a language? Is there a visual way to convey what a product is supposed to do? It took a German educated design specialist of IDEO, 27 scientists, and 4 years of research to design the LEAP CHAIR. At the end, the firm was awarded 23 patents. How then should we design the CONTEST BLOG? All students are invited to comment.

Wednesday 24 August 2011

SAM honours all Students as visionary artists

For over a year SAM studiously researched the student world to understand their needs & desires. The fusion of art/music/fashion/film represents to SAM a strong futuristic vision of the Students. SAM ponders this reality and invites all Angels and Students to begin a debate. SAM believes that new aesthetic will evolve inspired by their visionary Students. 

SAM honours Google Founder Larry Page

Prof Scientist Winograd was sceptical but the student project became one of the most powerful companies in the world. Larry Page can pursue things that are unreachable and then turn them into reality. SAM applauds and asks the students to emulate him and his great thinking.

SAM honours novelist Donald E. Westlake
and hopes the students will take up serious writing

 Few novelists can write a story half as shocking and acridly truthful as Donald E. Westlake. He simply freezes your blood. His novel Ax is a masterpiece. It's an exciting, horrifying and a truly sad novel in which an executive plans and assassinates 6 applicants for the only available job. SAM recommends this great read to all the students studying arts.
SAM Mourns Lawyer Raza Farooq/ Aitchison & Harvard

A fine human he was. And a humble real friend too. Always ready to help . This Angel hailed from a distinguished Jurist family. Justice Ramday was his uncle. Angel Raza Farooq was positioned for meteoric rise when fate's shears clipped him. All friends remember and mourn him. SAM commits 3 scholarships in his honour and promises to continue his great work. Rest in peace. God bless you!