Sunday 11 September 2011

SAM Communique / SAM Preview & Review

Just to let the world feel that we are working right thru and with increasing sophistication to cater for our breakneck growth. Even in today's marathon we looked for ways to work and serve even more innovatively. But no matter how committed we get, it is the Students needs that are at the forefront of our thoughts. And that will always be so! God bless us all. Ameen!!

SAM Communique

Sarah Mahmood honoured as Asst Editor SAM Daily Times

SAM is delighted to announce that Sarah Mahmood/NUST will now join as Asst Editor SAM Daily Times. We applaud her and hope that she will delight us all with her talent in English writings. Best wishes Sarah.

SAM Communique / SAM Global Survey!

Don't wait! Go log in and check out SAM Global Survey! See the world voting for and against! Watch the flags up and fluttering. Stir your conscience and change the World! Remember our future wont change if we don't create it!!! Your call!!

SAM Communique / Students and Lice

SAM thanks Dr Asad Kazim/Dermatologist for his illuminating letter in Dawn Sept 6. SAM also thanks American Academy of Pediatrics for their guidelines on Head Lice. SAM has dutifully made a note to attack this alarming menace. More on it soon. SAM  Daily Times is publishing this letter. Read it!!