Saturday 16 July 2011

SAMart - Blog

Areesha Ahmed will now bring the blog to world class standards by adding aesthetics to it.

SAM Logo

SAM logo designed by Areesha Ahmad captures the soul of Pakistani students ecosystem.

Halo, the ring of light
Halo the ring of light that surrounds a person in arts is used to indicate holy or sacred figures.
In the logo it depicts presence of people in our society, that are like angels to others. The halo marks SAM as promise of peace, nimbus of hope- A ring of light.
The color palette is chosen to be blue - turquoise as it represents peace, calm, serenity.
Darker tone represents depression that encircles our youth, whereas the lighter tone symbolises hope.
The font chosen is called Terra Cotta.
The letter 'S' being in the darker tone shows our youth being hopeless and 'M' being the mother stands as the symbol of hope.
'A' is the angel (or indirectly SAM) acting as transition between two states.