Monday 8 August 2011

SAM Honours Angel Rohail Khan

 Angel Rohail Khan is an upcoming film producer and director whose creative energy has now started to blossom. He has a long forefathers legacy of support for education. His forefathers started the famous Islamia College in Peshawar. Angel Rohail Khan is a perfect example of a gentleman and his love for students is well known to his many friends and admirers.
SAM wishes him the very best for the future and requests him to sponsor atleast 1 student with Quaid-e-Azam Scholarship. He's also requested to help students learn the filmmaking art and with internship.

SAM Press Release

Angel Shabzada Rohail Khan / film producer & director enters the final review of honour roll today after Iftar. 

SAM Founders and Laurels

On right flank of the homepage you will notice the honour counter. SAM is a global interest. Soon the world students will ask each other, are you on SAM? You, the students, the teachers, the whole of the nation are better judge if SAM is truly world class. Be what it may, we know that SAM reached these heights because of the hardwork of Maryam Sultan, Rabia Sultan and Areesha Ahmed. More great honours to follow. Ameen.
SAM / Darakshan

SAM TOPPINGS Applicants, Attention!

The following top students applied for SAM TOPPINGS SCHOLARSHIPS.

  1. Hafsa Mir
  2. Huma Ramzan
  3. Muhammad Abbas Zahid
  4. Shah Rukh
  5. Ejaz ul Hassan
  6. Rafiq Shah
  7. Hammad Hassan
  8. Amir Waraich
  9. Sameed Hassan
  10. Haroon Ahmed
  11. Imaan
Students are advised to email evidence of their result along with their NIC number, school/college name and picture on SAM official email address