Monday 8 August 2011

SAM Founders and Laurels

On right flank of the homepage you will notice the honour counter. SAM is a global interest. Soon the world students will ask each other, are you on SAM? You, the students, the teachers, the whole of the nation are better judge if SAM is truly world class. Be what it may, we know that SAM reached these heights because of the hardwork of Maryam Sultan, Rabia Sultan and Areesha Ahmed. More great honours to follow. Ameen.
SAM / Darakshan


  1. hey! thanks for the encouragement...I am sure each and every member of our team is working very very hard...who all have made this possible =)

  2. Thank you Darakshan. We all try to follow the standards of hard work and devoution set by you. SAM/R

  3. no doubt YOU people deserve praise!GOD BLESS..