Tuesday 13 September 2011

"Is Internet a necessity or a fundamental human right?"

Global Survey which began on Friday-Sep 9 at 11:00 PM GMT (Standard Time), ends tomorrow-Sep 14 at 4:00 PM GMT (Standard Time).

Those of you who clicked on YES would've known that 
46 people from 8 different countries want internet to be a basic human right. 
And those of you who clicked NO, would've seen that 
15 people from 7 different countries voted against the motion.

Out of 25 countries who visited, 10 countries participated in the Great Debate Voting.
More participants are advised to see the cut off time and vote as soon as possible.


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Putting the Brakes on Light!

Scientists have succeeded in slowing  the light down from 300m/s to a mere 90 m/s by sending it thru hot gas of rubidium atoms. This means Fiber Optics, Optical Switches, the capability to read more concentrated bits of Data say, on compact disks will change. This will enhance Computing capability many folds.

More news soon in SAM Daily Times.

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SAM Ecosystem 
is SAM for Life!       

You may be here or you may be anywhere, SAM will help you succeed. SAM will not always have a solution, but SAM will always find one. SAM will reach! Believe that! SAM is your 'Destiny'.
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SAM nears baseline on "Technology Park"

Many, many a night ushered a dawn as SAM laboured as a Conceptual Artist on Technology Park. SAM thinks big and we must always think big enough. SAM Technology Park will offer Students and Teachers TEXT, Articles and a host INTERACTIVE learning tools that will complement class room learning. Please say a prayer for us. Bless ya!!