Monday 5 September 2011

SAM Honours His Highness King Jigme of Bhutan

In an act of benevolent wisdom King Jigme issued a Royal decree to bring "Internet" to this remote nation. His subjects lovingly call him " the light of cyberspace " . SAM wishes His Highness and the subjects a very prosperous future.

SAM Daily Times

Artist Ahmed Mehmood ,
Editor Haleemah, Asst. Editors Vitus Idi & Dk to comment without fear !

SAM Recognises Valour & Duty

Martyr Pervez Masih a hardworking man, on 12th day of his duty as a watchman of International  Islamic University ladies cafe, gave his life to save over hundred others just two years back. There was a party going inside. Knowing whats coming, he wrestled the attacker at the entry door to ensure minimum lives are lost. Young man went thru many troubles to get this job. And FINALLY honoured his duty with his life. His only dream was giving quality education to his little daughter, Diya. SAM honours him for SERVING HIS VALUES. Rest in peace, SAM is here for Diya, and for every one.

SAM applauds Ronald Demon

MIT without a blink is one of the best Engineering Universities in the world. In a 30 second lecture Prof described the concept "shoe stink - get them to blink- and then get them to think". Student Demon then went on to design and invent thinking joggers that give athletes more control and info about their performances by embedding microcomputer in its sole. Great work!!

SAM Honours the great Icon Albert Einstein!

Everyone knows E=mc2 but even Scientists still grapple with its true implications. A poor and confused student Einstein hated organised learning but loved mathematics. A solar eclipse in 1919 spun the World. His calculations were precise in predictions. Einstein set many baselines and new frontiers in Science for the World.

SAM delights in PeriScope

Believe it or not  'intellectual forays' into World Students Society of Computers and Internet has delighted all Students, Scientists and Global Unique visitors. They reviewed by droves. SAM zooms to enthral and serve with great conviction, innovations and inventions! We hope that the registration process will begin soon. Best brains, saddleup.