Thursday 15 September 2011


Closer to the truth our population is 193 million and compounding. Only 10.7% of this have internet. And 3.7% of this figure do not have the sustained means to keep their internet connections live and buzzing. What future can we glean out of this or do we need to use SAS. Therefore SAM is planned to launch its National and Global campaign to provide this honour. Public announcement setforth below.

Founder Amir Bakhtiar/Bahria , Founder Ali Aizaz Zahid to execute the campaign.Please contact them on the email.

SAM honours Rejuvenation of National Education

All Headmasters, all principals, of Government and Private schools, are hereby requested to inform SAM if the school does not have a working cell of Desktop Computing. SAM is due to launch a campaign to provide you this facility on first come first basis. So Hurry!

                     Email :

SAM applauds Oumar Ly Dieme from Dakar, Senegal

What can be more delightful to us than helping Students? What can be more honourable than adding meaning and value to Students lives? NOTHING, and nothing ever can be more. And just a day back Student Oumar Ly Dieme/Universit√© Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar ,Senegal told us that SAM has helped him in improving English. SAM thanks Oumar for running SAM's campaign in Senegal and wishes him the very best. We hope to help each and every Student, eventually, in every possible way. And we hope and invite that every student from Senegal will join SAM and work for global students. Best ya all!!
SAM relishes the honour of Unity, Faith, Discipline & Smart Hardwork.

SAM Communique

"Hey fellow Students, lend me your ears!" 

Delighted to inform you that SAM has decided that thinking outside box is not good enough. SAM should take up a permanent residence  there. So I do just that. But you follow Stars. Better hurry up, post haste and join  up.