Friday 23 September 2011


The true magic of software is that it replicates knowledge. And software is neither recent nor new. Software came into the World over 5 Millennia ago with a written language. Gutenberg's 15th century printing press succeeded in putting software at the center of the World ! Some accomplishment !! Best wishes all !!
"Here take this 'Your own Ecosystem!'"
Ecologist Camille Parmesan found alarming evidence in her global study that our ecosystem is changing. Hibernation, breeding, flowering seasons, are all falling apart with negative consequences!!!
"Learning Curve for SAM founders! But a cheering Hand for Youtube! "

SAM founders would be wringing their hands at the nimble and sure response from Youtube! This is a classic demonstration of how a great company reacts to market shifts and competitive threats. Also how a great company exploits the mistake of a rising star !! SAM founders 'wake up!!'

"Scientist Albert Einstein, Sir, do you have a minute?Scientist, or for better label, a Student, irrespective of the level of his study and 'capitalised knowledge', is no seeker of the Truth, if he can't define Kepler Laws !!"

' Thank you, Sir, I knew you and Dr. S Hawking would agree !! '