Sunday 31 July 2011

Zubeer Shah honoured

SAM is pleased to confer the title of Angel on Zubeer Shah. 

Zubeer Shah
Zubeer Shah, UK National of Pakistani origin committed complete support to SAM. He's a gentleman, a model Pakistani who brought a great name to Pakistan. He will sponsor 2 Allama Iqbal Scholarships for AJK and for any province in Pakistan. He's requested to inaugurate the campaign for SAM in UK on 15th of Ramadan with prayers.
The video and photographs of inauguration will be put on the blog. He's to honour us with his consent which will be displayed on the blog.
UK in general has shown tremendous interest in SAM. Every single moment they're logged in. SAM thanks them for their support.                                                                                                                                        


In the loving memory of  Angel Allama Muhammad Iqbal SAM proposes to announce 2 scholarships shortly. Students with the above attributes in any field of study to register through SAM email urgently.
Email id is:

SAM Welcomes Student Anum Rasheed

SAM is pleased to welcome Student Anum Rasheed as a founder. Anum is a student of International  Islamic University Islamabad majoring in IT. She will take up the challenging task of DATA SCHEMA AND ALL DATA INPUTS ON DAILY BASIS.

SAM honours Mrs. Jannat Nur

Mohammad Azmat was the first angel to give Rs 50/ cash to SAM on the advise of his mother. SAM achieved the note in a frame and will display the digital copy on the blog. SAM thanks him for his continuous support.

Saturday 30 July 2011

Students honoured

SAM honours all Pakistanis, moreso, all those, who themselves were STUDENTS, ONCE upon a time!

SAM Marathon

Ms. Maryam Sultan rolls up her sleeves on the design of the ECOSYSTEM. SAM/R


SAM suffers HARDWARE HARDSHIPS and moans and resolves !

SAM honours Zafar Ali Khan

SAM honours Angel Zafar Ali Khan Chartered Accountant Scotland and Wales, Former head HMC and with many more distingushed accomplishments to inaugurate SAM's financials, and independent audit policy. SAM awaits his honoured consent.

SAM Best Teacher Awards

SAM honours German Prof. Van Hoesel who taught Chemical Engineering in Karachi in 70s. This kind, great teacher, mentored 100 of students around the clock. SAM plans to announce " BEST TEACHER AWARD " in his memory.


Standard Chartered Bank honoured in Latin as "E Pluribus Unum". Out of many, one!
SAM appeals to the CEO for more paid internships for students.

Friday 29 July 2011

SAM Multicultural +

All Pakistani Christian brothers and sisters students to register for membership on SAM email urgently here:

SAM Multicultural

All Pakistani Hindu brothers and sisters students advised to log in and register on SAM here:

official email

SAM Scholarships

Angel Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah second compassionate scholarships of Rs. 400/month awarded to Ms. Aqsa Abbasi,  Islamabad College for Girls F-6/2 Islamabad.

SAM honours Sadia Asif

SAM honours Sadia Sadia Asif, phd, as one of the Pakistan's most dignified daughters. SAM prays for her happiness. 

SAM Compassionate Scholarships

Angel Mohtarma Miss Fatima Jinnah compassionate scholarships for the students of Balochistan to be announced on moon sighting. 4 in number. All students to apply from the province on SAM email

Thursday 28 July 2011

Warid goes value added !!!?

"Dear Customer,as per PTA's AntiSpam regulation Bulk Marketing SMS are not allowed. Incase of such activity your SMS facility will be blocked. Call 321 for detail"

The network sent the displayed notice to the devoutees. SAM averred
" Dil chota na kar mere yar! "

SAM Scholarships

Angel Quad-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah first compassionate scholarship of Rs. 200/ per month awarded to tiny Ms. Zeba (D/O 82101-9609353-1) from Kangra School , AJK.

Inauguration of SAM JUNIOR

SAM honours Angel Col. Dr. Muhamamd Tufail Hashmi Querishi for pioneering service in avitation medicine. He is requested to inaugurate SAM's community work on 8th of Ramadan.

Angel Mrs. Shamim Akhtar consents to the honour.

Angel Mrs. Shamim Akhtar / Hashmi Querishi honours SAM with her gracious consent in tears and prayers. God bless her!

SAM Pains

SAM gives special membership to Noor Ul Huda. She is a student suffering from degenerative disorder (neuro) for the last 6 years. SAM feels her tragic suffering  and invites all the doctors around the globe to recommend best therapies for her. Students hope and pray that she recovers soon. 

Wednesday 27 July 2011


SAM honours, "HONOUR"

We all pray for the long life, well being and strength of Chief Justice of Pakistan Angel Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. SAM also prays for our great nation, Pakistan.

SAM Happy Hour / Inauguration of "Science of Databases"

SAM is honoured to extend an invitation to Angel Mrs. Shamim Akhtar/ Hashmi Querishi to inaugurate on the first Friday of Ramadan The Science of Databases on SAM. SAM informs her and awaits her consent.

SAM Buddies

SAM wishes to thank Google for its outstanding operational excellence.

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Angel Samad Khurram consents to the honour

Angel Samad Khurram rose to his proper standards of grace, dignity and patriotism. He offered every help and assistance; financial, guidance, encouragement and total support for deserving students through Student Angel Mother. The Chief Serving Officer Ms.Rabia Sultan thanked him on behalf of all the founders. We all pray for him and wish him the very best !


SAM mourns and shares the grief of Norwegian people.

Monday 25 July 2011

SAM socks vole

SAM is ashamed to learn that two prestigious universities had their admission papers leaked. SAM respectfully requests for a thorough transparent investigation.

Sunday 24 July 2011


To celebrate the sacred month of Ramadan
SAM is considering setting up an auction feature and wishes to dedicate this feature in the name of Samad Khurram, a great Pakistani son. We’re using this blog to inform him using a tweet to kindly consent to this idea to enable SAM to grow it into a large service.

Under this feature students will take part in a controlled auction on all Pakistan basis. Proper technology will be used by Ms Maryam Sultan to generate 10 winning cell names. An auction will be held . 10 students will be sent Rs.20 worth of credit. We hope this auction will become a regular feature by your participation and grow this into a large national relief.

Angel Samad Khurram to confirm before details are announced.

Proposed by Rabia Sultan
Seconded by Darakshan Wajid

More auctions to follow...

Thursday 21 July 2011

Unique Opportunity for Students

Students having confirm talent in creative art, strategic planning, public policy, world wide web legalities, marketing, sales, commerce, accounts&finance, organization&administration. All this understood to be in the design of Student Angel Mother Ecosystem should immediately contact at:


Students who topped their matriculation examination at national level provincial level and district board level to immediately register below and send your digital photo on SAM email address

All founders to spread the word on Facebook, Google and all other browsers. SAM appreciates every support.

Wednesday 20 July 2011


How should SAM serve in the sacred month of Ramadan?

Saturday 16 July 2011

SAMart - Blog

Areesha Ahmed will now bring the blog to world class standards by adding aesthetics to it.

SAM Logo

SAM logo designed by Areesha Ahmad captures the soul of Pakistani students ecosystem.

Halo, the ring of light
Halo the ring of light that surrounds a person in arts is used to indicate holy or sacred figures.
In the logo it depicts presence of people in our society, that are like angels to others. The halo marks SAM as promise of peace, nimbus of hope- A ring of light.
The color palette is chosen to be blue - turquoise as it represents peace, calm, serenity.
Darker tone represents depression that encircles our youth, whereas the lighter tone symbolises hope.
The font chosen is called Terra Cotta.
The letter 'S' being in the darker tone shows our youth being hopeless and 'M' being the mother stands as the symbol of hope.
'A' is the angel (or indirectly SAM) acting as transition between two states.