Thursday 1 September 2011

SAM First everything else Second!

We are happy to inform you that before the night swirls to dawn, SAM Student Ministry would be online. This honour is bestowed on you by  some of the most successful Engineers, Specialists, Professionals, Professors, Nerds and we could go on. So get your questions ready! We thank just about everybody!!

SAM Communique/The Whole Nation Honours His/Her Favourite Teacher

SAM is just so delighted to make public for the whole nation that Museum of Memory will accept your nomination to exhibit the photo of your Favourite Teacher if it is seconded by any other student/person.

SAM Communique

Time competes against us and is carefully watching our ability to cooperate and innovate and find real solutions. The nation in the past has faced huge tragedies and challenges but prevailed. This time we are fighting a mortal combat and the other challenges seem greater than before. SAM musters a broken heart prayer for the nation to use its best human capital and attributes to rise!!            
          Ameen !!! God bless you all !

SAM honours the future generations and begins the grand debate

"What is the least we can do for our future generations???"

Angels, rather the whole world is invited to grace a comment!!

SAM honours Engr. Asif Mehmood

SAM honours Engr. Asif Mehmood/ Moody's Prep School, Rawalpindi. Its a rare privilege to meet such a high class patriotic Pakistan. His distinguished lineage is reflected in his many attributes, which certainly contributed in making Moody one of the best governed schools in the country. SAM applauds the sterling work of Asif Mehmood and confers the honorific Angel to his name.

SAM applauds Dr. Sania Saqib

SAM applauds Dr. Sania Saqib for considering serving her country, students and her conscience. SAM has requested for a 15 day column on Dental hygiene and care. Her column will be directly uploaded to our world in SAM Ecosystems, Health Module and SAM Times. She will then take your questions. Everybody will welcome her on the Facebook and delight her with the deafening applause.