Saturday 10 September 2011

SAM Honours Hybrid Structures

Intel could claim its inventions. We now use it. Dual reporting is a great means for know-how managers to increase their leverage. So, SAM is delighted  to announce that Angel Aleena Khan will also contribute as Asst Editor SAM Daily Times. We all applaud and hope she will delight all around with her literary flair. Always best for you, Aleena! God bless.

SAM honours Architect Faisal Rasul/Lahore

Architect Faisal Rasul, now running his own Consultancy, is a graduate of Government College University Lahore, with a Masters degree from University College London. Mr. Faisal Rasul is a highly talented and sought-after architect of Lahore. The work that he has so far accomplished has made Lahore not only beautiful but has also added to the aesthetics and beauty of the surroundings. A gentleman, who is scrupulously honest, is a great supporter of worthy causes and people in need. His lineage has great philanthropic and noble work to its credit.And Faisal Rasul has definitely added value to that. SAM is proud to confer the title of Angel and prays for his success and well being. 

"Our Nature"

On Murree Road near Faizabad you will  see a huge Signboard  "Angel Spirit Housing".  Hey, how come?? SAM is a brand on the rise and rise. Frankly we don't mind. Hahaha!!! SAM is everywhere. SAM watches over you, its just our Nature. One at a time, SAM will take every good thing under its wing.

SAM Communique

Dr. Atta ur Rehman speaks on Pakistan's mired educational world !

Please visit SAM Daily Times and read his article in original. And when you're there do stop to thank Angel Haleemah Zia for her hardwork and bringing the right knowledge and information to all of us in a timely manner.

Genius, Privacy, BABY STARS!!

Angel Areesha Ahmed/NCA will now take over the Ecosystem and will work in a manner that Angel Maryam Sultan will help out in every technical aspect to bring even more beauty to view. It would be helpful and delightful to bring more brains onto the ecosystem team.

The founders give a huge ovation to Rabia for her technical prowess in raising this Ecosystem art. Angel Areesha will also take charge of Cartoon Camp launch. Every prayer for success. Ameen!