Sunday 2 October 2011

SAM applauds "The Heady Triumph of SAM Daily Times!!"

Every single day, while you rest, entertain, sleep or just hang out, SAM's Editorial Team is at work. Thru brownouts, power outages, router fluctuations, and hardware hardships, SAM's Team is getting your next morning's newspaper exactly as to your needs of knowledge, fun, entertainment and awareness. 

It is an absolute reality that the Team daily makes great personal and collective sacrifices, and in great democratic norms, to produce this gem of paper -  SAM Daily Times - for you. And in the highest honour and submission of country, duty, honour and optimism, the Team Haleemah Zia, Sarah Mahmood, Aleena Khan, Rabia Sultan, Maryam Sultan, Dk Wajid, Hamza Salman, Ali Aizaz Zahid sacrificed their total disposable time, social life, even sleep to produce a delightful copy of this first International Student Newspaper of its kind.

So it may be a foregone conclusion that by the time the year is out, every single country, every single University of the World, and we hope that every single Student , eventually, will be SAM Daily Times' devoutional reader. Mark our words- WE MEAN IT !!! KINDLE & IPAD are nibbling at our growing content which will triple in the next 3 months for global Students. THE TEAM stands highly motivated, creative and determined to achieve their objectives. Perhaps it may be appropriate to give them a deafening applause for having set site on the Global Village in order to bring all of us together. 
Thank you for this great Work !!!