Tuesday 30 August 2011

SAM Communique

Now is a moment to wish everybody A Very Happy Eid Mubarak! How we paint our present state, is everybody's color. We need to make it all ADD UP. Many blessings!

SAM Communique

We the SAM founders wish to inform that we will   be working right thru Eid holidays . ..........    Day  and night !
It is impossible to quantify       " care " and " ministry "
  but having a heart is a better medicine .  Just as in your support.
  Support SAM with your heart & soul !
               God bless!
Talents with Scholarships blog awaits your visit.

SAM the killer application

The planet applauds as SAM makes its case for the Student Ecosystem and the business case for Ecoefficiency gets much stronger. SAM is growing into a big opportunity for scientists, or new jobs even quality life. SAM for everything!!


These three global brands and giants have set up a global competition to solve real world problems. SAM applauds this distinguished work and wishes them the best.