Thursday 18 August 2011

On the privilege blog, you will find the most beautiful content database in the world. This is the work of Rabia Sultan! More follows.

SAM's Little Dynamo

In a matter of weeks Darakshan shook the world. It was Darakshan's rare insights "who can say no to SAM?" that has made SAM a global interest. This little dynamo sleeps little, eats little and markets SAM the world over. Darakshan thinks SAM is a grand experiment. All founders agree. Best wishes Darakshan!

SAM is a Beautiful Vision

SAM is no rabble-rouser. SAM thinks that all of us can work together to build a better world. The students need to join in a spirit of equanimity to discuss our problems and may be laugh at things. SAM hates conflict and confrontation. Rather SAM is a beautiful vision difficult to shake.