Friday 2 September 2011

SAM Honours Questioning and Curiosity!!

You will soon grow conscious that no one 'can choke a powerful question'. And its this sweep that got us to "World Students Society of Internet and Computers". And the good news is we are just whisper close to the launch. Without your support we would have gone slow. So, never stop asking. Never!!

SAM steps up Honour

From Ether - Void - Time. And then there was Time, and Parents followed. So did prayers and blessings and all consolidated by Teachers, disciples and student. So take a moment off and honour them while freezing them in Time and Space! Welcome to SAM Museum where your Parents and Teachers will reside, ever!! Log up at the SAM Ecosystem.

SAM Honours Parents

The world wants to give a face to your sacrosanct parents. SAM is the place to honour your parents. SAM Museum of Memory has allocated special place for viewing. Lets zoom up!!

SAM Honours Favourite Teachers

All of us has a favourite teacher. And this applies to the whole nation. So come and lets honour them for our gratitude and give them a permanent place in history and SAM Museum of Memory. The future generations will delight in this gesture.

SAM honours Oxygen

Lets face up to the truth! Nobody joins SAM as a misunderstanding. SAM is a committment to honour the legacy of our forefathers towards Students. 

SAM honours great lost legacy!!

Unity, Faith, Discipline & Smart hardwork.