Saturday 30 July 2011

Students honoured

SAM honours all Pakistanis, moreso, all those, who themselves were STUDENTS, ONCE upon a time!

SAM Marathon

Ms. Maryam Sultan rolls up her sleeves on the design of the ECOSYSTEM. SAM/R


SAM suffers HARDWARE HARDSHIPS and moans and resolves !

SAM honours Zafar Ali Khan

SAM honours Angel Zafar Ali Khan Chartered Accountant Scotland and Wales, Former head HMC and with many more distingushed accomplishments to inaugurate SAM's financials, and independent audit policy. SAM awaits his honoured consent.

SAM Best Teacher Awards

SAM honours German Prof. Van Hoesel who taught Chemical Engineering in Karachi in 70s. This kind, great teacher, mentored 100 of students around the clock. SAM plans to announce " BEST TEACHER AWARD " in his memory.


Standard Chartered Bank honoured in Latin as "E Pluribus Unum". Out of many, one!
SAM appeals to the CEO for more paid internships for students.