Wednesday 7 September 2011

It takes a bit of a courage to serve your country.
But then everything worthwhile usually does...
SAM awaits your joining !!

Maryam Sultan, Rabia Sultan, Haleemah Zia, Vitus Idi , Dk , Ali Aizaz Zahid , Amir Bakhtiar , Anum Rasheed, Hussain Ali , Sameen Fatima, Areesha Ahmed and everybody to comment.


  1. So true. Everything worthwhile usually does.
    Either it be speaking truth, standing up for others, being fearless and honest, following & appreciating right things, serving your country and serving with perseverance or anything worthwhile.

    But as long as you believe great things must be attempted and great things must be done, as long as you believe we all have to die, as long as you believe there is a God, COURAGE is sure to invade your life. SAM/R

  2. To all my fellow students- Break yourselves free from the psychological constraints, step forward to take up your responsibilities. That will be one courageous act to do and you'll be proud of yourselves in the end. SAM/Dk

  3. Absolutely agreed. We're ready !

  4. Very True. And as i always say "You don't have to be a Superman to save the world, all you need is a SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY". This sense of responsibility can make you do anything. Anything which is right for the betterment of humanity.

    And if we want to keep our feet on the ground then we definitely need to put some responsibility on our shoulders. We need to consider our Responsibility.
    Peace. Sam/A

  5. so true... we must always remember "we don't have to be great to get started but we have to get started to be great"
    so LETS BREAK all the shackles of fear so that we may live our dreams instead of living our fears!!