Sunday 7 August 2011

Cell Credit for SAM Founders

In view of cell credit authorised and given to SAM founders, all SAM founders to ensure that their cell phones are two way. The following are being sent the credit today.

       1. Maryam Sultan
       2. Rabia Sultan
       3. Ali Aizaz
       4. Aamir Bakhtiar
       5. Anum Rasheed
       6. Areesha Ahmed
       7. Sameen Fatima

Any founder wishing to sacrifice his/her credit for others to list. Rabia Sultan


  1. i want to donate it to someone needy...

  2. i want to sacrifice it for any needy.good luck!

  3. Thanks SAM! I also want to give it to anyone who needs it.

  4. Thank you Areesha, Anum and Sameen for giving your chance of Free-Returnable Cell Credit to other students.