Sunday, 24 July 2011


To celebrate the sacred month of Ramadan
SAM is considering setting up an auction feature and wishes to dedicate this feature in the name of Samad Khurram, a great Pakistani son. We’re using this blog to inform him using a tweet to kindly consent to this idea to enable SAM to grow it into a large service.

Under this feature students will take part in a controlled auction on all Pakistan basis. Proper technology will be used by Ms Maryam Sultan to generate 10 winning cell names. An auction will be held . 10 students will be sent Rs.20 worth of credit. We hope this auction will become a regular feature by your participation and grow this into a large national relief.

Angel Samad Khurram to confirm before details are announced.

Proposed by Rabia Sultan
Seconded by Darakshan Wajid

More auctions to follow...